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City Slickers Welcome: Adapt, Not Adopt! Portuguese Water Dog Adoption!

Portuguese Water Dog Adoption
Portuguese Water Dog Adoption

What is Portuguese  water dog adoption (PWD)?

Portuguese Water Dog PWD is a medium size athletically built breed of dog specially trained originally to help the fishermen along in coast Portugal. They are known for their:

Thick, curly coat: The PWDs have a unique double coat that can be black, white , browny-white or even the combination of all these colors. The curls are able to retain water and keep it inside them during cold weather.

Webbed paws: They are good swimmers and water retrievers due to their webbed paws.

Energetic and playful personality: PWDs are smart and excited to please, so they can be wonderful members of active families.

Loyalty and trainability: These dogs are very loving towards their families and can be trained to do many different things.

Portuguese Dog

Here are some other interesting facts about Portuguese Water Dogs:

  • They were at one time referred to as the “Cao de Agua” or “water dog”.
  • These are the national dog of Portugal.
  • President Obama’s had two Portuguese Water Dogs named Sunny and Bo.

What is a PWD like?

Bred for water: PWDs are very good swimmers and like to be close to the waters. If you reside nearby a coast, lake or pool they’ll thrive there.

Highly active: These dogs are very active; therefore, they need a lot of exercises in both physical and mental sense. Walks, runs and playtime should be done every day to keep them cheerful.

Intelligent and trainable: PWDs are pleasing and fast intelligent. They are proficient in obeying commands and performing well in agility courses.

Social butterflies: They are usually happy creatures that love people and other dogs, which makes them wonderful pets for families.

Why adopt?

There are many reasons to choose adoption over buying a puppy from a breeder:

Give a dog a second chance: There are several cases from which rescue dogs come, surrenders or changes to owners. Adoption provides them with a loving home that they deserve.

Save money: Adoption fees are generally a great deal lower than that of a PWD puppy from breeder.

Support a good cause: Adoption also helps de-clutter the rescue centres and homes for animals.

Where to adopt?

Several resources can help you find your perfect PWD match:

Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Rescue: There is a this official club rescue network, which links up adopters and the PWDs in need.

PWDCA Rescue: Another popular PWD rescue organization which is committed to rehoming these dogs.

Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet: These sites provide a list of dogs who are adopted for shelters and rescues across the nation.

Breed-specific rescues: May be there are PWD rescues that concentrate merely this kind of breed near you.

The adoption process:

The adoption process varies depending on the organization, but generally involves:

Filling out an application: This enables the organization to know your lifestyle and so on well enough in order for them to find you a dog that is suitable for your needs.

Interview and home visit: This enables the organization to evaluate how suitable they consider you as a potential adopter.

Meeting potential dogs: Take time with a variety of dogs to search for the right partner.

Adoption finalization: Now when you locate your furry friend, make the adopted play and welcome them home!

Adopting a PWD is something rewarding that will make you feel good and happy together with the dog. It is a very active, intelligent and compassionate animal.In case your seek for an attentive companion who finds home anywhere as long as there are people around willing to take her in might consider adopting the PWD from any of rescue centres.

Are Portuguese Water Dogs good pets?

Portuguese Water Dogs are superb pets for active families who can give them a lot of exercise, mental stimulation and need constant training from it.

They are should not be suitable for everyone since they have a lot of energy, require home much grooming and despite this fact like to vocalize.

If you are a sporty, outdoor type of person who is able to get on well with disciplining your puppies and allow sufficient training periods then along moment in time an attitude dog may be the very fur that forms part of yours.Or, perhaps select a more


Why are Portuguese Water Dogs rare?

Three reasons why Portuguese Water Dogs are rare:

Almost went extinct: Then, like so often happen when jobs are gone away people died along with them.

Limited breeding: Careful breeders pay attention to health rather than overbreed their bitches until they produce a large number of pups.

Balanced popularity: People love them drool over them (thanks Obama!) but breeders select for quality, thus keeping availability restrained.


Are Portuguese Water Dogs high maintenance?

Absolutely, Portuguese Water Dogs require a lot of care. Think Beyonce of the dog world: stunning , felt like they were in a mirror world, but totally fiery and self centered skills.

They should have daily exercise, get poodle-style frequently groomed hair and a steady training regimen. Also, they sound a lot as pups who love to sing their heart out.

If you are an active family and can run after their antics, they sure do make for great companions! They could perhaps suffer for those lovers of low maintenance out there a little.


Do Portuguese Water Dogs bark?

Yes, Portuguese Water Dogs can be aggressive and bark. They have an almost hog like distinctive bark that is very loud so apartment living might be problematic unless you are experienced with training and provide plenty of exercise areas.

It’s not that PWD are uncommunicative creatures, they can be quite vocal so do expect a decent amount of noise once you allow them into your home.


Why are they called water dogs?

Portuguese Water Dogs are called water dogs because they were bred for centuries to assist fishermen in Portugal. Their webbed paws, thick coats, and swimming skills make them expert aquatic companions!


Water Wizards: Love and enjoy swimming, taking fish or retrieval engagements, generally any aquatic escapades. Â The translate into jungle safaris, surfing friends and constant water fights.

Brainy & Energetic: They are rapid learners, risk takers and like mental stimulation. like holding training at agility courses, obedience classes and even sock-herding.

Loyal & Cuddly: A forever furry shadow, warm soft hugs and deep bonds. You’re thinking of soft, puppy breath kisses and a loyal friend.

Hypoallergenic Heroes: Low-shedding coats make them ideal for those still suffering allergy woes but still in need of a cuddle monster. Think sniffles-free snuggles.


High-Maintenance Fur: It should be brushed daily; otherwise it will easily matty and needs to have professional grooming. – Poodle pom-poms and the standard relaxing spa treatments.

Exercise Enthusiasts: Unquestionable loyalty and ever watchful protection; so alien-loyal they are likely to turn the contents of your furniture into a chew toy unless you clear some time in each day for hefty exercise sessions. This includes long walks, playing around and time to play which all keep them happy.

Vocal Pups: They like to show their individuality, barking for instance. Then think about doorbell announcements, fanciful barks and maybe an opera howl.

Independent Streak: Can become extremely obstinate, so must constantly work exclusively with positive reinforcement.Do not practice quick fixes, but persevere with the patient.

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