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#SizeDoesntMatter: 10 Reasons Why Great Dane Pomeranian Mixes are the Perfect Pups

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Great Dane Pomeranian mix-sized fluff jackets, their gentle eyes peering out from beneath a mountain of fur. Now picture that tiny fluff-ball sporting floppy ears the size of dinner plates, barking with a sass unmatched by any chihuahua. Welcome to the whimsical world of the PomDane, a crossbreed where opposites attract and contradictions become adorable.

History & origine

Great Dane Pomeranian mix

The Great Dane Pomeranian mix, also known as the PomDane, is a designer breed that is believed to have originated in the United States in the late 1990s or early 2000s. The exact origins of the breed are unknown, but it is thought to have been created by breeders who were looking to combine the gentle nature of the Great Dane with the lively personality of the Pomeranian.

The Great Dane Pomeranian mix is not a recognized breed by any major kennel clubs, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). This is because designer breeds are not considered to be purebred dogs. However, the PomDane is a popular breed among mixed breed enthusiasts, and there are a number of breeders who specialize in breeding these dogs.

There is no standard size or appearance for the Great Dane Pomeranian mix, as the size and appearance of these dogs can vary greatly depending on the size of the parents. However, PomDanes are typically medium-sized dogs that weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. They can have short or long hair, and their coats can come in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown, and brindle.

Great Dane Pomeranian mix  are generally friendly and loving dogs that are good with children and other pets. However, they can be stubborn and independent, and they require a moderate amount of exercise. If you are looking for a unique and loving dog, the Great Dane Pomeranian mix may be the perfect breed for you.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you are considering getting a Great

Dane Pomeranian mix:

  • PomDanes are not recognized by any major kennel clubs, so they may not be eligible to compete in dog shows.
  • The size and appearance of PomDanes can vary greatly, so it is important to meet the parents of any puppy you are considering getting to get an idea of what size the puppy will be when it is grown.
  • PomDanes can be stubborn and independent, so they require a moderate amount of training and socialization.
  • PomDanes can be prone to some of the health problems that are common to both Great Danes and Pomeranians, such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation.

If you are willing to take on the challenges of owning a designer breed, the Great Dane Pomeranian mix can be a rewarding and loving companion.


The Great Dane Pomeranian Mix: Double the Cuteness, Half the Size

PomeranianGreat Dane

Ever wondered what happens when you mix a graceful giant like the Great Dane with a sassy fluffball like the Pomeranian? The answer is the PomDane, a unique hybrid that’s as unexpected as it is charming. Prepare to be surprised by this bundle of contradictions, where gentle giants meet sassy sprites, and every walk becomes a head-turning spectacle.

Appearance: A Tale of Two Sizes

Imagine a miniature Great Dane wearing a plush Pomeranian coat. That’s roughly the PomDane aesthetic. Size can vary greatly, with some pups inheriting the Dane’s towering stature and others resembling oversized Pomeranians. Expect a range of fluffy, double coats in various Dane and Pom colors, creating a delightful surprise in every pup. Think gentle ears that could double as sails, fluffy tails that wag with hurricane force, and expressive eyes that melt even the iciest hearts.

Temperament: Big Softies with a Sassy Streak

PomDanes inherit the best of both breeds: the gentle, loving nature of the Great Dane and the playful, sassy spirit of the Pomeranian. They’re loyal companions who adore cuddles and playtime, though their protective instincts may flare up when they sense their loved ones are in need. Don’t let the Pomeranian sass fool you, these gentle giants are incredibly tolerant with children and other pets, often acting as fluffy babysitters. Just be mindful of size discrepancies during playtime.

Health: Big Considerations for a Small Companion

While generally healthy, the PomDane’s mixed heritage brings some potential health concerns. Hip dysplasia, common in Danes, can affect some PomDanes, so regular vet checkups are crucial. Be mindful of their smaller digestive systems and avoid feeding them large, fatty meals. Remember, your PomDane may inherit the Pomeranian’s fondness for barking, so early socialization and training are essential for a harmonious household.

Care: Tailoring to the Mighty Mini

Despite their Dane lineage, PomDanes surprisingly don’t require excessive exercise. Moderate walks and indoor playtime are sufficient to keep them happy and healthy. However, they still need ample room to stretch those playful legs, so a fenced yard is ideal. Remember, their thick coats require regular brushing to maintain their fluffy glory. Most importantly, shower your PomDane with love and attention, and they’ll reward you with a lifetime of wagging tails and sloppy kisses.

Living with a PomDane: Life with Laughter and Love

Owning a PomDane is an adventure every day. Prepare for double takes on walks, confused “what-is-that?” inquiries, and an endless supply of cuddles and playful antics. These unique pups are living proof that big things come in small packages, with hearts even bigger. If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, and undeniably head-turning companion, the PomDane might just be your perfect match.

Remember: Always adopt, don’t shop! Many PomDanes end up in shelters, eager for their forever homes. Consider giving a deserving pup a second chance at happiness.
So, there you have it. The PomDane, a delightful mix of gentle giant and sassy fluffball, ready to fill your life with laughter, love, and enough fur to knit a sweater for a yeti. Embrace the unexpected, open your heart, and welcome the Mighty PomDane into your life. You won’t regret it.




 Dane Pomeranian mix

Living with a Great Dane Pomeranian Mix: A Guide to Life in the Comedy Zone

Forget stand-up, the funniest act in town just happens to have four legs, a wagging tail, and a fur coat fit for a yeti. Enter the PomDane, a crossbreed so unexpected, it’s practically an entertainment genre in itself. Imagine a gentle giant Great Dane shrunk down to the size of a sassy Pomeranian, then dipped in a vat of fluffy fur – that’s the PomDane in a nutshell. Buckle up for a journey into the hilarious, heart-warming, and utterly bewildering world of these canine contradictions.

Act I: Size Matters (Except When It Doesn’t)

Think of the PomDane as a living optical illusion. You’ll encounter pups the size of a coffee table wearing fur coats fit for a yeti, while others resemble oversized Pomeranians with floppy ears that could double as sails. Every walk promises a symphony of bewildered stares and double takes, guaranteed to leave you giggling. Just imagine the look on someone’s face when your “lap dog” accidentally knocks them over with a playful nudge.

Act II: Sass Meets Soulfulness

The PomDane inherits the best (and sometimes worst) of both breeds. You get the gentle soul of the Great Dane, always eager for cuddles and belly rubs, mixed with the sassy spirit of the Pomeranian, who’ll bark at squirrels the size of Volkswagens. Prepare for dramatic sighs if you dare leave them off the couch, followed by moments of pure canine adoration when you finally give in. They’re living proof that big hearts can come in small packages, even when those packages shed enough fur to knit a sweater for a yeti.

Act III: The Great Dane-ian Leap of Faith

Exercise with a PomDane is a comedy routine in itself. You might have a tiny tornado bounding around the house with the zoomies, or a gentle giant who prefers sunbathing to fetch. Remember, size is relative: that “short walk” for your Great Dane-sized PomDane might leave you with jelly legs, while your miniature PomDane might insist on scaling Mount Everest (your couch) for the afternoon view. Just be prepared for the unexpected, and keep a lint roller handy.

The Final Curtain: Embrace the Unexpected

Owning a PomDane is an adventure every day. Life becomes a series of funny looks, “what-is-that?” inquiries, and enough fur tumbleweeds to roll you to the next town. But beyond the laughs, these unique pups offer something truly special: a reminder that love and joy come in all shapes and sizes. So, if you’re looking for a furry friend who’s equal parts gentle giant and sassy sprite, a walking contradiction with a heart of gold, then the PomDane might just be your perfect match. Just be prepared to answer the inevitable question: “Wait, is that a Great Dane wearing a Pomeranian wig?”
Because with the PomDane, the entertainment never ends.

Bonus Act: Viral Stardom Awaits

With their adorable mismatched sizes and hilarious antics, PomDanes are natural-born social media stars. So grab your phone, capture their fluffy shenanigans, and get ready to unleash the cuteness (and chaos) upon the world. Who knows, your PomDane might just be the next internet sensation, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine, and sometimes, the best medicine comes with four legs and a wagging tail.

So there you have it, the curious case of the PomDane: a furry bundle of entertainment that’s guaranteed to leave you smiling, laughing, and maybe even shedding a few tears of joy. Remember, it’s not just a dog, it’s a lifestyle choice. A choice to embrace the unexpected, to find humor in the everyday, and to open your heart to a love that’s as big as its personality is hilarious. Welcome to the world of the PomDane, where every day is a comedy show, and the laughs are always on the house (or should we say, the fur-house).


Complete Guide to Breeders and Rescue

Ever dreamed of a doggo who’s both a gentle giant and a fluffy firecracker? Look no further than the Pomane, a mix of the majestic Great Dane and the sassy Pomeranian! But where do you find your own pint-sized Hercules? Let’s explore the breeder bonanza and the rescue rover round-up!

Breeder Bonanza:

Picky Pup Parents: Research! Find breeders who prioritize ethical breeding, health checks, and raising happy pups. Organizations like the Pomane Club of America can point you in the right direction.


Pricey Pom-tastic Pups: Designer dogs come with designer price tags. Be ready to invest in a healthy, well-bred pup. Remember, responsible breeding costs more than a backyard bargain.
Puppy Playdates are a Must!: Before you fall head-over-heels, visit breeders and meet the parents and pups. Watch how they interact and see if their energy matches your lifestyle.

Rescue Rover Round-Up:

Shelters are Pomane Palaces: Don’t underestimate the power of shelters! Mixed breeds, including Pom Danes, sometimes end up there. You might find your soulmate waiting with a wagging tail, ready for their forever home.


Give a Second Chance: Consider adopting an adult Pomane. They’re often already house-trained and socialized, and you’ll be giving them a second chance at happiness.
Patience is a Pomane Virtue: Finding a Pomane through rescue might take time. Expand your search, check breed-specific rescues, and consider fostering to help these special dogs find their perfect match.

Pomane Pointers:

Size Matters (a Little): Pom Danes can range from medium to large, so be prepared for potential space needs or apartment restrictions.
Temperament Tango: Trainability and personality can vary. Meet the dog before bringing them home to assess their unique quirks.
Forever Fur-iends: A Pomane is a long-term commitment. Make sure you can provide the love, care, and training they need throughout their life.

So, whether you’re drawn to their playful Pomeranian spirit or their gentle giant Great Dane side, remember: a Pomane isn’t just a dog, it’s an adventure. Open your heart and home, and you might just find your very own miniature majesty!


The Great Dane Pomeranian Mix: a canine enigma, a whirlwind of fur and sass wrapped in the tender hug of a giant’s soul. Owning one is like living in a cartoon where belly rubs come with side-eye, and walks leave a trail of double takes and giggles. Prepare for chaos cuddled in a fur coat the size of a small planet, for a heart that roars like a lion cub but purrs like a kitten in your lap. The PomDane isn’t just a dog, it’s a living paradox, a furry question mark with endless answers in the form of sloppy kisses and zoomies. So, embrace the unexpected, open your heart to a whirlwind of contradictions, and remember: with a PomDane, the punchline is always the wagging tail.

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